Pak Turk Friendship Forever.

In the political scenarios of the world throughout the ages countries used to act like a mere human being choosing friends with similar characteristics and goals, traditions and religion, and safeguarding its integrity from the enemies making alliances with the friends to enhance its strength and say in the committee of the nations.

These alliances are based on shared goals and religion exist throughout the world, for example the western European countries after centuries of warfare eventually put  aside their differences and agreed that their shared goals and religion are same ending up with European union, with great relations with USA thus in broader picture making western block as a single unit.

Our beloved country Islamic republic of Pakistan is predominantly a Muslim country with more than a thousand years of golden history of ruling whole of the Indian sub continent and from that time different Muslim dynasties ruling india made alliances with the Ottoman Caliphate which shared same religious, moral and traditional traits. In fact this alliance helped first Mughal emperor Zaheeruddin Muhammad Babur to get an edge over the Hindus of India, as he had Ottoman matchlock guns and artillery with complete artillery operating party sent from Istanbul which resulted in Babur’s victory at the battle of panipat against Sultan Ibrahim lodhi and then against Maharaja Rana Sanga at the battle of Kanwaha proving the power of alliance with Ottomans, this cooperation continued throughout the centuries.

The Muslim ruler of Gujarat asked help from the Ottomans to end Portuguese naval vessels in the Arabian Sea threatening the trade route to Arabia which resulted in the deployment of Ottoman navy in Persian gulf, Red sea and the Arabian sea and expulsion of Portuguese from many parts of Gujarat.

Then in the time of Badshah Aurangzeb Alamgir Ottomas were overrun by a combined army of Austrian alliance and asked for help from the the powerful Mughal Emperor which was given in gold as Aurangzeb Alamgir  was himself busy crushing the notorious Marathas of Deccan.

Then in the World war one Indian Muslims helped the crumbing Ottoman Caliphate with millions and millions of pounds and gold was collected from all across Indian Muslim families in Caliphate movement and sent to Turkey. This First World War became the war of independence for modern turkey supported by Indian Muslims which later made Pakistan.

This crucial help saved Turkey and made her victorious miraculously in the First World War when all other axis powers surrendered to the allies only turkey was victorious and allies were forced to give them back Istanbul city and the strategic straits of Bosporus.

Turkish people to this day are grateful for the humongous help provided by Muslims of the subcontinent.

After independence of Pakistan we always had great diplomatic relations with Turkey but there always was a geographical barrier in between the two countries, so this shared richness of history and beliefs remained confined to the strategic, military and diplomatic relations.

After the emergence of pro Islam government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan and its consecutive victory in domestic elections in turkey for three terms not only transformed Turkey one of the most powerful economies of Europe but also of the world.

Prime Minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan became the leader with most number of visits to Pakistan showing his love and interest in Pakistan. On one occasion he was heard saying “if there is a attack on Pakistan we will consider it an attack on Turkey”. Thus further develong peope to people relations. He spoke twice to the National assembly of Pakistan and was conferred Nishan e Pakistan the highest civil award of Pakistan under his leadership Turkey helped Pakistan in 2005 earthquake, with massive relief operations as Pakistan helped Turkey in the earthquake of Izmir, in 1990s. Pakistan has almost same stance on Cyprus as of Turkey and Turkey has same stance on Kashmir as of Pakistan.

Turkey and Pakistan have excellent military relations, Turkey  understands Pakistani importance as it is the only Muslim nuclear power with largest standing army and state of the art missile technology. That’s why Turkey shared its expertise in Navy and Air force, enabling Pakistan to upgrade its F-16s fleet providing with numerous gun boats and helped in war against terrorism.

Turkey’s investments in Pakistan have also increased many folds which is evident in Pakistan with the brands like ulker(premium confectionary company), canbebe(baby accessories), Beko(electronics) and Zorlu(wind turbines).

Pakistani agricultural and textile exports have also increased to Turkey plus there is cultural influx of Turkey in Pakistan through its world renowned soap operas like Muhteshim Yuzyil shown as Mera Sultan, Kozey Guney, and others.

Every year thousands of Pakistanis go on tourist trips to Istanbul to see the holy relics of Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa Ahmad e Mujtaba sallallahoalehewassallam in Topkapi Saraye and visit the grave of Mezban e Nabi sallallahoalehewassallam Hazrat Abu Ayyub Ansari and Molana Rumi. Many also go to seek higher education in Turkish institutions or work as skied labors, I personally believe that insha Allah this shared friendship will continue to touch new heights under the able leadership of the incumbent Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and Tayyip Erdogan. Pak Turk friendship zindabad.