Pakistan Council for Science and Technology

Pakistan Council for Science and Technology (PCST) is mandated to advise the Government on the development of Science and Technology at the national level. The Council is involved in S&T Policy making, planning, implementation and in carrying out policy studies. PCST is also the secretariat of National Commission of Science and Technology (NCST), headed by the Prime Minister (which takes the major decisions for the development of S&T)


  • Advising the Government on S&T policy and plans.
  • Regular evaluation of scientific research through bibliometric and peer review techniques.
  • Strategic planning of R&D through expert committees/think tanks.
  • Scientometric and futuristic studies.
  • Promotion of R&D and encouragement of consultancy services for scientists and technologists.


The functions of the Council are:

  • To discuss all policy matters, proposals and issues on the overall development of science and technology in the country and provide recommendations and advice to the National Commission for Science and Technology for facilitating their decision-making;
  • To identify priority areas of research and development keeping in view the futuristic developments of science and technology especially those of the disciplines falling the high technolgy fields;
  • To act as an independent forum of senior and eminent scientists and technologists of the country and to act as a “Think Tank” to the Federal Government on policies and problems of national importance in respect of science and technology;
  • To collect science and technology statistics and maintain a data bank of the research and development institutions of the country;
  • To provide a forum for co-ordination of S&T activities with national and international agencies;
  • To enter into contracts, agreements with national agencies for undertaking development projects in fields relevant to the functions of the Council; and
  • To organize study groups and task forces for dealing witth issues such as:-
    • Scientometric studies and analysis of science and technology data;
    • Assessement and innovation of impact of science and technology policies and programmes on the overall development of the country;
    • Preparation of state of art reports on certain important scientific and technological issues;
    • Identification of priority subjects with reference to their bearing on socio-economic development and national security; and
    • Encouragement of consultancy services for scientists and technologists in various important fields