Whirling Dervish

One day when Prophet (s) was giving a Friday sermon, a Bedouin came and said, “Ya RasulAllah (s), when will the Day of Judgement occur?” Prophet (s) did not answer the Bedouin and remained silent for some time. So the Bedouin asked again, but again Prophet (s) did not answer. After a period of time the Bedouin asked his question for a third time. Immediately, the Angel Gabriel appeared before the
 Holy Prophet (s) and said, “Ask him what has he prepared for that day?’
The Bedouin replied “Nothing except my love for you, oh beloved Prophet of God (s)!!” Prophet (s) then answered, “you will be with those whom you love.” Upon hearing this conversation, Abu Bakr as-Siddiq asked the Holy Prophet (s),
 Will love alone suffice?
Prophet (s) then said, “Yes. The main thing is love!” Abu Bakr as-Siddiq was so happy with this answer that he began to whirl. [ The Opening of the Siddiqia Secret of Love ]
According to the teachings of our Master, Shaykh Hisham Kabbani (may God bless him and raise his spiritual station higher), the Sufi whirling technique which was taught by the famous Sufi Master Muhammad Jalal ad-Din Rumi (qs) contains tremendous realities. The first interaction that many Western people have with Sufism is often through the poetry of Rumi, a poetry which sought to explain a Heavenly love which flowered in his soul, and what our Master wants us to realize is that while this poetry is nice to read, the “sema” or the practice of whirling is a technique which can actually open that love, which is what Rumi is trying to encourage people to do through his poetry. Rumi was saying in his poetry, “seek the beloved!” and the question comes to us, “how do I seek Him?” It means that the poetry of love and Divine attraction is first rooted in the whirling and what was trying to be taught by the whirling. We are a micro version of this greater galaxy. Therefore, in order to understand this greater reality we are taught to look within and understand ourselves. As God says in the Holy Quran:
We will show them our signs on the horizon and within themselves, until it will be manifest to them that it is the truth.” (41: 53)