Artificial Rain the solution to Karachi’s Heat Wave

Karachi Heat

Karachi and Sindh Governments should start pondering upon the need that Heat Wave can hit the region like 2015, in this regard all the safety measures must be taken and good anticipation is highly recommended, Artificial rainfall is also the answer to the need of heat reducing tactics. Karachi Heat

But how do you get artificial rain? Basically, a combination of chemicals is sprinkled on normal clouds— a practice called “cloud seeding”— which induces rainfall, though the same process has been used in some places to prevent hail and fog.

The practice is very common in China, where dangerously high levels of air pollution put residents at risk, which is why the government frequently uses induced rain to bring down pollution levels. and not only in china but we can take the example of UAE, which is now using this method of controlling the heat levels.

Artificial Rainfall

How the Artificial Rain works, Despite decades of cloud seeding by local agencies to try to fight drought conditions, research on its effectiveness is inconclusive.

Including snow or rain

  1. Airplane flares or grounded generators release a silver iodide aerosol into clouds cooled to less than 32 fahrenheit.
  2. Water in cloud attaches to silver iodid which has crystaline structures similar to the ice.
  3. Particles become hereby enough to fall as snow or rain.
  4. Depending on the conditions, it can take 20 to 30 minutes to produce rain.