Umm e Habiba

Umm e Habiba is a veteran Pakistani female Naat khuwan famous in the subcontinent and beyond due to his efforts to revive naat in women, he is one of the most versatile naat khuwan in women.

She is classified as Pakistan’s first female Naat Khu’wan. She has been acknowledged throughout the Islamic world for her melodic and spell-binding recitation of Naat Sharif that poetically praises Allah and his beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Her dedication towards Islam and thrilling voice have engaged and inspired audiences all over the world. While she resides in Chicago, Illin

Umm e Habiba

ois, Umme Habiba take a trips throughout the United States and around the world to recite Hamd and Naat to affectionate fans. She visits Pakistan every year to pay honor to her faith and visit her mother country.

She is amongest the pioneer naat khawans who started to express feelings about prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAW. She did Naatkhawani very beautifully. Her some famous naats are :

* Aey noor e mujassim
* Gul as rafat amokhta
* Gull as ru khatta
* Ishq ko hussan kay andaaz sikha loin tu challoin
* Kabbay pay parri jabb pehli nazar
* Madinay ka safar hai aur mein namdida namdida
* Naat Mehboobe-e-Rabe do jahan
* Mustafa Mujtaba Marhaba
* Nabi Nabi Nabi Nabi
* Tum par mein lakh jaan say quraban ya Rasool
* Zinda jab tak rahoin

These are no doubt beautiful naats narrated by umme habiba. According to my personal opinion, She narrated all naats with the best of her simplicity.