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Inspector Jamshed (Fiction Hero)

Inspector Jamshed is a very intelligent and machismatic¬† hero character¬† in Fiction novels of Ishtiaq Ahmed‘s very popular series of Inspector Jamshed Series. He was an expert in makeup skills to disguise and mingle among enemies like SEEMOON.

People of Pakistan are very fond of entire Jamshed series especially those people which like to read action and fiction novels. Some of very popular novels’s title pages are included in this post to give some glimpse of¬† the golden memories:

Khaufnaak Ilzam

Langri Sazish

Jee Moof ki wapsi

Bamtaali ka maidaan

Bay tukki wardaten


Aftaab e Aalam

Aftab e Alam is a beautifully written Novel on Seerat un Nabi (sallalaho alehe wasallam), in which all the history from the first revelation on Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is thoroughly told in a novel form. The writer of this beautiful book is Sadiq Husain Siddiqui who was inspired and motivated by his dream in which he saw a graceful old man praising his novels on Islamic history, but simultaneously asking him to write a novel in which Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) Seerat will be summed up.

Sadiq Hussain was hesitant to write the name of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), for which old man of his dream told him to write AN-HAZRAT Salallaho alehe wassallam) instead of repeating the holy name.(peace be upon him)