The kinnow is a high yield mandarin hybrid cultivated extensively in the wider Punjab region of Pakistan. It was developed in Americas through agricultural research. In a hot climate, plants can grow up to 35 feet high. ‘Kinnow’ trees are highly productive; it is not uncommon to find 1000 fruits per tree. The fruit matures… read more »


In Mughal period, once a royal cook prepared a fried dish comprised of gram flour and spices. Everyone found it delicious. Then the dish became popular among the masses and it was named ‘pakora.


Naan is a thick Pakistani bread baked in an underground oven. It is enjoyed crisp and fresh.

Roghni Naan

Roghni naan is a variety of Naan which is a traditional Pakistani bread eaten with BBQ or Curries.  

Til kay laddu

Til kay laddu are simply sesame seed balls made with natural sugar cane juice, its one of the usual treats around Pakistan.