Foreign Relations of Pakistan

Russian $2.5 Billion Investment in Gas sector

Russian state-owned construction company Rostekh Corporation is planning to build a 680-mile gas pipeline in Pakistan in 2017 at an estimated cost of $2.5 billion. It will be Russia’s first large-scale project in Pakistan since the 1970s. Rostekh Corporation will construct the pipeline, attracting both Russian and foreign financing, although attracting CREDIT from western banks… read more »

Pakistan and Iran Relations

  Pakistan borders with Iran at its western flank and the two countries’ relationship is characterized by common historical, linguistic, literary, cultural affinities and trade link ages. Both the neighboring lands are not only bound together because of their geographical proximity, but the deeper basis of relationship is provided by the shared values and their… read more »

Pak Turk Friendship Forever.

In the political scenarios of the world throughout the ages countries used to act like a mere human being choosing friends with similar characteristics and goals, traditions and religion, and safeguarding its integrity from the enemies making alliances with the friends to enhance its strength and say in the committee of the nations. These alliances… read more »