Health related Articles from Pakistan

Aging Decoded

Most people consider themselves aged when they reach 65 years or so, of their life. But this idea of becoming aged at the age of 65 is more related to the history than anyother factor. As in year 1889 German chancellor Otto Von Bismarck was the first person who chose 65 years of age of… read more »

Healthcare Facilities in Pakistan

Pakistan is undoubtedly the country of contrasts, people living in Europe or United States might have an idea that its a country with health facilities similar to those of Afghanistan or Iraq but to be very frank its totally incorrect as those two countries never had any established government system as it existed in Pakistan… read more »

Home Remedies for Headache

Headaches are one of the most common health problems that affects most people at one time or another. Headaches can be classified into three main categories: tension headaches, migraine headaches and cluster headaches. There can be many causes of a headache such as physiological changes in the head, constriction of blood vessels, abnormal neuron activity,… read more »

Contamination of Keenjhar Lake water

Keenjhar Lake also known as Kalri Lake is one of the largest freshwater lakes in Pakistan. It has length of about 24 km, width 6 km and capacity of 0.53 million acre feet. Indus River provides fresh water to Keenjhar Lake through KB feeder originating from Kotri Barrage. The lake is an important source of… read more »

Dengue In Pakistan

Why Pakistan Is Having The Dengue Epidemic Every Summer? ORIGINALLY BY MUHAMMAD USMAN SHAH IN MEDICAL NEWS   After earthquakes, terrorism and floods that devastated thousands of people and left millions homeless, Pakistan had yet to face one more major calamity at the start of the second decade of the 21st century. This time around the… read more »