480mn gallons of polluted water flowing into Karachi sea daily

Pollution in the Seas of Karachi About 480 million gallons of polluted water and waste of Karachi city was daily flowing into the sea, causing destruction of marine life. This was stated by senior officials of the Ministry of Ports and Shipping in a meeting of Senate Standing Committee on Ports and Shipping held at… read more »

Artificial Rain the solution to Karachi’s Heat Wave

Karachi Heat Karachi and Sindh Governments should start pondering upon the need that Heat Wave can hit the region like 2015, in this regard all the safety measures must be taken and good anticipation is highly recommended, Artificial rainfall is also the answer to the need of heat reducing tactics.  But how do you get… read more »

Sea-saw: Climate change makes Karachi feel under the weather

KARACHI: Karachi is in danger! There were nearly 200 islands along Sindh’s coastal belt in 1890. Now, no more than 40 remain. The danger is due to sea erosion and possible cyclones because of the climate change, said senator Karim Ahmed Khawaja. “We have to protect the mangroves,” he said. “Movement of water at downstream Kotri… read more »

12 Important Pros and Cons of Cloud Seeding and Artificial Rainfall

People around the world, especially farmers, see rain as an essential water source. Without it, some regions have to deal with droughts that cause crops to die and have other harmful effects. Thanks to a revolutionary technology, called cloud seeding, such a problem is remedied. However, being fairly early on in its development stages, the… read more »

Haramosh Mountain

Haramosh Peak is the highest peak in Haramosh. Its height is 7409m. It can easily be seen from Gilgit, Pakistan. It is covered with snow throughout the year. Sassi is located at its base on one side and Kutwal is at another. The Skardu route is passing through Hanuchal and Sassi. The shape of this… read more »