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History of Pakistan

The history of Pakistan (Urdu: تاريخ پاكِستان ‎) encompasses the history of the region constituting modern Pakistan. Prior to independence in 1947, the territory of modern Pakistan was a part of the British Indian Empire. Prior to that it was ruled in different periods by local kings and numerous imperial powers. The ancient history of the region comprising present-day also includes some of… read more »

Science and technology in Pakistan

In Pakistan, science and technology serve as an important part of national practices, and extreme national identities. From the 1996s till present, science and technology have been linked to the national ideology and practical functioning of Pakistan, notably the Pakistan Armed Forces, while science and technology is a growing and flourishing field in Pakistan. Since its independence… read more »

Top 10 richest people of Pakistan

If you are wondering about the richest persons of Pakistan that who they are and what they do? Then the answer is here. 1. Shahid Khan: Net Worth (USD) : 4.5 bil Richest person that belongs to Pakistan is Shahid Khan who is currently residing in USA and is honor of automotives and Jaguars companies plus… read more »

Gawadar Port Pakistan

Geographical environment is considered as one of the important factors influencing the development of human society. The most critical element of the environment is the sea, which occupies almost three-quarters of the surface of earth. Pakistan is blessed with a sea frontage of 1100 kms, stretching to West and Southeast axis. About 36,000 ships transit… read more »

Geography of Pakistan

Geography of Pakistan Continent Asia Region South Asia Coordinates 30°00’N 70°00’E Area Ranked 36th  • Total 796,095 km2 (307,374 sq mi)  • Land 97.13%  • Water 2.87% Coastline 1,046 km (650 mi) Borders Total: 6,774 km (4,209.2 mi) Afghanistan: 2,430 km (1,509.9 mi) China): 523 km (325.0 mi) India: 2,912 km (1,809.4 mi) Iran: 909 km (564.8 mi) Highest point K2 8,616.3 m (28,269 ft) Lowest point Arabian Sea 0 m (0.0 ft) Longest river Indus River… read more »