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Animal life of Pakistan

Hud Hud (Hoopoe)

Hoopoe called Hudhud in Pakistan is a bird of the family Upupidae. This colorful bird can be found across the Europe, Asia, Africa and Madagascar. Hoopoe inhabits wide variety of habitats: grasslands, savannas, forests and wooded steppes. In Holy book Qura’an there is a story of King Sulayman and Hudhud which was a courtier of… read more »

Bagla (Egret)

Great Egret called Bagla in Urdu is a water wading bird, found all around Pakistan. Feeding Behavior Forages mostly by standing or walking in shallow water, waiting for fish to come near, then catching them with rapid thrust of bill. May feed in flocks or in association with other herons, cormorants, ibises, sometimes stealing food… read more »

Kawwa (Crow)

House crow or Kawwa is a common bird throughout Pakistan it is omnivorous and feeds on anything that is edible.

Cheel (Black kite)

Black kite commonly known as Cheel in Pakistan is the most abundantly found species of kite in the world it is medium sized member of the raptor family. It preys upon small mammals, birds, reptiles and even known to eat earth worms in freshly trimmed garden grass. It also scavenges food and eats carcasses and… read more »


Kaabar or Maynah is one of the most familiar birds found across Pakistan. It has a wide variety of vocalizations and can immitate any other bird and also human beings. It is introduced artificially in UAE where it has a big resident population. In countries like Australia it is declared a threat to the country’s… read more »