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Pakistan Stock Exchange (former KSE)

Pakistan Stock exchange is the merger of 3 stock exchanges of Pakistan the Karachi Stock Exchange, Lahore Stock Exchange and Islamabad stock exchange.┬áIt is Pakistan’s largest and one of the oldest stock exchange in South Asia by market capitalization, with many Pakistani consortium as well as overseas enterprises listings.



30 KSE Index, the Blue Chip Companies according to fiscal year 2015

Following list of 30 KSE Index Blue chip companies 2015 is based on dividends and right shares. Many of the companies are performing very good for the year 2014 after which their performance was evaluated. Karachi stock exchange is providing annual reports of all the blue chip companies which are mentioned below.

list of 30 KSE index blue chip companies

30 KSE Index
30 KSE Index

1- Pakistan Oil Field

2- Pakistan Telecom

3- Fauji Fertilizer

4- Nat Bank Of Pakistan

5- Pakistan Petroleum

6- Hub Power

7- United Bank Limited

8- Kot Addu Power

9- Bank Al-Falah

10- Oil & Gas Development

11- Bank Al-Habib

12- Habib Bank

13- Mcb Bank

14- Adamjee Insurance

15- Fauji Cement

16- Shell Pakistan

17- Nishat Mills

18- Engro Fertilizers

19- Pakistan State Oil

20- DG Khan Cement

21- Glaxosmithkline Pakistan

22- Engro Corporation

23- Honda Atlas Cars

24- Lucky Cement

25- Pakcem

26- Maple Leaf Cement Factory

27- Mari Petroleum

28- Attock Reffinery

29- Engro Foods

30- Pak Elektron



KSE (Karachi Stock Exchange)

The principle stock exchange in Pakistan, which was founded in 1947. The top one hundred companies listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange, measured by total market capitalization, make up the Karachi Stock Exchange 100 Index, which also includes the company with the highest market capitalization in each industry represented.

Nadeem Naqvi is currently its chairmen, and in Nawaz government KSE is breaking records of business prosperity

. Investors are having good confidence over KSE.
The primary objective of the KSE-100 index is to have a benchmark by which the stock price performance can be compared to over a period of time. In particular, the KSE-100 Index is designed to provide investors with a sense of how the Pakistan equity market is performing. Thus, the KSE-100 Index is similar to other indicators that track various sectors of country
‘s economic activity such as GNP, CPI, etc.
The KSE-100 Index was introduced in November 1991 with base value of 1000 points. The Index comprises of 100 companies selected on the basis of sector representation and highest market capitalization, which captures over 90% of the totla market capitalization of the companies listed on the exchange.
Out of 33 Sectors, 32 companies are selected i.e. one company from each sector (excluding Open-End Mutual Fund Sector) on the basis of the largest market capitalization and the remaining 68 companies are selected on the basis of largest market capitalization is descending order.
KSE Sectors
1- Open-End mutual Funds

2- Oil and Gas

3- Chemicals

4- Foresty and Paper

5- Industrial Metals and Mining

6- Construction and Materials

7- General Industrials

8- Electronic and Electrical Equipment

9- Engineering

10- Industrial transportation

11- Support Services

12- Automobiles and Parts

13- Beverages

14- Food Producers

15- Household Goods


16- Leisure Goods

17- Personal Goods

18- Tobacco

19- Health Care Equipment and Services

20- Pharma and bio tech

21- Media

22- Travel and Leissure

23- Fixed Line Telecommunication

24- Electricity

25- Gas Water and Multi utilities.


26- Commercial Banks

27- Non Life Insurance

28- Life Insurance

29- Real Estate Investment & Services

30- Financial Services

31- Equity Investment Instrument

32- Software and computer services.

33- Technology Hardware & Equipment.